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MSCIT Admissions 2018 Online at mkcl.org Exam Syllabus/ Question Papers

MSCIT Admissions 2018 Download Application Form MSCIT 2018 Exam Syllabus, Fees, eligibility & Question Paper Pattern through www.mkcl.org
About MSCIT: Check MSCIT Admission 2017-2018 Online as in this portal you will see updates on MSCIT 2017-2018 admissions in coming months, till you can view previous orders. As you know Maharashtra State Certificate Course in Information Technology (MSCIT) started by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) in coordination with MSBTE.  The applicants want to take admissions in this MSCIT course online mode through Authorized Learning Centres (ALC) at mkcl.org.  After successful completing the course, students will awarded the MSCIT certificate jointly certified by Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE), & Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited, Mumbai/ Pune.  The far more needed information of MSCIT regarding admission process, fees, qualification, exam pattern, old question papers etc is mentioned below……………..
MS-CIT March 2018 Batch
March - A 2018 Batch
March  - B 2018 Batch
Admission Start date for Learner
Thursday, March 01, 2018
Friday, March 16, 2018
Admission Last date for Learner
Thursday, March 15, 2018
Saturday, March 31, 2018
Details of MSCIT Admissions 2017-2018 Exam/ Syllabus @ www.mkcl.org:
Name of Course – Maharashtra State Certificate Course in Information Technology
Learners will receive a highly illustrative book called Introduction to Information Technology By Timothy J. O'Leary & Linda I. O'Leary
English Book, Marathi Book
Important Instructions to MS-CIT Learners for Year 2017

Topics for MS-CIT 2017 Final Examination

Objective Topics Practical Topics
Internet, The Web and Electronic Commerce
Windows 7
System Software
MS-Word 2013 OR Open Office.org Writer
The System Unit
MS-Excel 2013 OR Open Office.org Calc
Input and Output
MS-PowerPoint 2013 OR Open Office.org Impress
Secondary Storage
Internet Explorer 7.0 OR Mozilla
MS-Outlook 2013 OR Mozilla Mail

Examination Pattern

  1. Duration of Exam: 60 minutes (1 Hour)
  2. Total Questions: 50, Total Marks: 50
  3. Marks per Question : 1
  4. All the questions in the examination are divided into 3 levels.
    • Level 1 = Low difficulty level
    • Level 2 = Medium difficulty level
    • Level 3 = High difficulty level
  5. Exam Pattern: Level wise distribution of questions and Marks
No. of questions Marks per question Maximum Marks
Objective Practical Total
1 Low 6 14 20
2 Medium 6 14 20 20
3 High 3 7 10 10
15 35

ModeTotal Fee (Rupees) 1st Installment
2nd Installment
Single Installment 3500 3500 N/A
Two Installments 3600 1800 1800
Duration – 03 months

The candidate should be 10th standard pass.  (Not compulsory)

MSCIT Exam Pattern/ Syllabus:
The total question paper is of 100 marks which include 50 marks of assessment and 50 marks for online examination.

MS-CIT परीक्षा यशस्वीपणे उत्तीर्ण होण्याकरिता खालील निकष आहेत:
 भाग मध्ये १०० पैकी एकूण ४० गुण आवश्यक आहेत, त्यापैकी -
 * भाग - लर्निंग प्रोसेस मध्ये ५० पैकी किमान २० गुण आवश्यक आहेत, आणि
* भाग -  MS-CIT फायनल परीक्षेमध्ये ५० पैकी किमान २० गुण आवश्यक आहेत, ज्यापैकी वैकल्पिक (Objective) मध्ये किमान गुण आणि प्रात्यक्षिक (Practical) मध्ये किमान १४ गुण आवश्यक आहेत........................
Final Assessment = 100 marks (Continuous comprehensive assessment + Final online examination)
There are 03 subjects: - a) Practical Skills b) Theoretical Skills c) Software Tools

Aggregate score of 40 Marks (in Sections I, II-A & II-B) out of 100 marks with:
·        Minimum 20 Marks out of 50 are required for passing in Internal Evaluation (i.e. Section I)  &
·        Minimum 6 Marks out of 15 are required for passing in objective section of Final MS-CIT Examination i.e. Section II-A
·        Minimum 14 Marks out of 35 are required for passing in practical section of Final MS-CIT Examination i.e. Section II-B

MSCIT Admission Process: The students want to take admission in MS-CIT course have to submit application form through MS-CIT Authorized Learning Centre (ALC) along with relevant documents photo copy of Photo Id proof signed by the learner and 01 passport size photograph and online application form submit at http://mkcl.org/mscit/
Admission and Fee Payment (Learner)
  1. Last date to take admission by Learner: 16 January 2017
  2. Beginning of Course: 20 January 2017
  3. Final Online Examination (Tentative): March 20-24, 2017
Click here for admissions - http://www.mkcl.org/mscit/index.php/admission-process


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