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Krishna University Results 2018 Exam Online

Krishna University Exam Result 2018-2019 Check UG/ PG written Exam Result Under Krishna University 2018 Latest BA B.Com B.Sc Exam Result 2018 Latest University semester Exam Result 2018
Krishna University Results 2018 Exam News: Today Krishna University Results 2018 Online also Krishna University Exam Results 2018 Merit Lists along with Toppers List Machilipatnam Krishna University Results Name Wise, Roll No. Wise at http://www.krishnauniversity.ac.in/Examportal/Results.aspx........................
Details of Krishna University Result 2018-19
Latest Updates:- Krishna University Has Declared MSC Botany/ Computer Sc./ Physics 4 semester on 13 July 2018, B.Pharmacy 3/5 semester on 05 July 2018, D.Pharm 4 year, DPED 1 semester, M.Ed 2 semester on 22 September 2017, Diploma in Dietetics Supplementary Exam 2016 Result on 12 August 2017. Revaluation and  B. Pharmecy, LL.B, M.Tech, MCA, M.A III Semester, UG Ist, IVth & IIIrd Sem, PG IVth Sem, M.Sc Exam Result. Candidates Please stay in Touch with us & Check Exam Result with the help of Below Direct Link. The Result Will also available On University Website................ 
13~07~2018 Result - IV Semester M.Sc.(Botany,Computer Science,Physics) and M.A. (Social Work,Journalism and Mass Comm.) Examinations, April-2018   
11~07~2018 Result - IV Semester M.Sc.(Applied Mathematics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Statistics,Visual Communication, Zoology) and M.A. (Telugu,English,Psychology)   
11~07~2018 IV Semester Spl.B.Ed Examinations, April 2018 Results   
11~07~2018 Revaluation Results - I,III Semester PG Examinations October-November 2017   
09~07~2018 Results - IV Semester B.P.Ed and D.P.Ed Examinations, April-2018   
09~07~2018 Result - IV Semester LL.B and B.A.LL.B. Examinations, April-2018   
Date Results
05~07~2018 Revaluation Result - I, II and III year UG (Annual Pattern) Examinations, March-2018   
05~07~2018 III,V Semester B.Pharmacy Examinations, January-2018 Results   
05~07~2018  II,IV,VI Semester MBA and MCA Examinations, April-2018 Results   
04~07~2018 I,III Sem MBA,MCA - III,V Sem LL.B - III,VII,IX Sem B.A.LL.B Revaluation Results   
30~06~2018 B.Ed III Semester Examinations, November 2017 Revaluation Results   
28~06~2018 B.Ed IV Semester(CBCS) Examinations,April 2018 Results   
21~06~2018 IV Semester M.Sc Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Examinations, April 2018 Results   
21~06~2018 UG II Semester Examinations, April 2018 Results   
13~06~2018 Revaluation Result - VII Semester B.Pharmacy Examinations, December-2017   
13~06~2018 Result - I Semester B.Ed. Examinations, February-2018   
13~06~2018 Result - Certificate Course Yoga Examinations, February-2018   
13~06~2018 Result - I Semester LL.B. and I,V Semester B.A.LL.B. Examinations, February-2018   
04~06~2018 Result - IV Semester Examinations, April-2018   
04~06~2018 Result - VIII Semester B.Pharmacy Examinations, May-2018   
04~06~2018 Result - VI Semester LL.B. and X Semester B.A.LL.B. Examinations, April-2018   
28~05~2018 UG VI Semester Revaluation Results   
28~05~2018 UG I,II,III Year Onetime Supplementary Examinations Results   
09~05~2018 Result - Spl.B.Ed,B.P.Ed,D.P.Ed I Semester Examinations, February 2018   
30~04~2018 Result - UG VI Semester Examinations, April 2018   
26~04~2018 Result - B.Ed. (Supplementary/One Time Opportunity), Annual Pattern Exams, March-2018
Date Results
23~03~2018 UG I,III,V Semester Examinations October-November 2017 Revaluation Results  
23~03~2018 VI Semester B.Pharmacy and II,III,IV Semester M.Tech Results  
23~03~2018 III Semester Spl.B.Ed Examinations, November 2017 Results  
21~03~2018 I,III,V Semester MBA and MCA ResultsOctober-December 2017  
16~03~2018 Result - III,V Sem LL.B. and III,VII Sem B.A.LL.B. Examinations, November-2017  
16~03~2018 Result - IX Sem B.A.LL.B. Examinations, November-2017  
16~03~2018 Revaluation Result - II Semester B.Ed.,B.P.Ed.,D.P.Ed. Examinations, July-2017  
14~03~2018 PG III Semester M.Sc Botany Examinations, October 2017 Results  
14~03~2018 PG I Semester M.Sc(BIT,BOT,ELI,MAT,MCS,PHY), Diploma in Kuchipudi and M.P.A in Kuchipudi Natyam Results  
07~03~2018 PG I Semester Results - Phase 1  M.A. (ECO/PSY/TEL), M.Com., MHRM and M.Sc.(AMT/BIC/MCB/STA/ZOO)
07~03~2018 PG III Semester Examinations October-November 2017 Results  M.Sc. (Mathematics, Electronics & Instrumentation)
UG III Semester Examinations, October-November 2017 Results VI Semester B.Pharmacy Examinations, November 2017 Results M.Tech I Semester Examinations, February 2017 Results

LL.B I,III,IV,V Semester Examinations(One time), September 2017 Results

UG V Semester Examinations, October-November 2017 Results

Pharma-D I and III Year Results

22~09~2017 VI Year Pharm D Examinations, July 2017 Results      
22~09~2017 D.P.Ed I Semester Examinations, June 2017 Results      
22~09~2017 M.Ed II Semester Examinations, April 2017 Results      
15~09~2017 MCA I,II,III,IV Semester and MBA I,II Semester Revaluation Results      
15~09~2017 B.Pharmacy VII and VIII Special Supplementary Results      
12~09~2017 Revaluation Result - III Semester B.Ed. (CBCS) Examinations      
11~09~2017 LLB (II Sem) and BA LLB (II and VI Sem) Examinations, June-2017 Results      
11~09~2017 I Semester M.A. Psychology Examinations, December 2016 Results      
11~09~2017 UGC Sponsored COP Examinations, May 2017 Results      
05~09~2017 B.Tech Supplementary Examinations, February 2017 Revaluation Results      
01~09~2017 IV,VI Semester B.Pharmacy Supplementary Examinations, April 2017 Revaluation Results
11~08~2017 UG IV Semester Examinations, March 2017 Results   
Diploma in Dietetics Supplementary Exam 2016 Result
Date Results
08~08~2017 II Semester M.Sc. Applied Mathematics and M.Sc. Computer Science Examinations, Apr-2017 Results   
08~08~2017 IV Semester M.Sc. Applied Mathematics Examinations, Apr-17 Results   
08~08~2017 I Semester M. Pharmacy Examinations, Feb-2017 Results   
06~08~2017 PG II Semester Examinations, April 2017 Results   
03~08~2017 IV Semester M.Sc. (VCM,MCS,ELI) and M.Ed. Examinations, April 2017 Results   
03~08~2017 IV Semester B.Ed. (CBCS) Examinations April,2017 Results   
29~07~2017 PG IV Semester April 2017 Results   

About Krishna University:- Krishna University is established in a great historic coastal town called Machilipatnam, which is the head-quarters of Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. The town is a special grade municipality in Krishna district existing since 3rd century BC.
Courses Being Offered in the Campus/ University :-
  1. B.Ed
  2. MBA
  3. LL.B
  4. M.Pharmacy
  5. Post Graduate
  6. Under Graduate
  7. B.A.LL.B
University will Declare various Exam Result. So all the Candidates Please keep Touch with us & Check Latest Exam Result With the help of below Direct Link.
 University has announced Many Course Result. Candidates can check their result on University website as well here. All the candidates Please Check Latest Exam Result with the help of Above Link. By these Above Link Candidates can Download Latest Exam Result.
For More Details Please Visit:-http://www.krishnauniversity.ac.in/


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