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Why is education necessary for all?

Question: Why is education important?

Answer: Today, we live in a world where educated people are given more value and consideration. Education which starts from school to college and from there to university education and it goes on. There is no end to acquiring knowledge. There are people who take up masters in different streams and do Ph.D. in different topics. There are people who take more than ten Ph.D.’s and still continue doing their work. Proper & good education is essential for all of us.
Before, every work did not require a degree. People were selected for the jobs by examining their skills and talents. Like audio production, creative writing, etc. were not considered as professional jobs or may be not even considered as a job. But today there are universities or colleges which provide bachelors and master degrees for such courses too. Like Full Sail University in the US is a well-known university which only offers courses like creative writing, digital cinematography, entertainment business, etc. which has both bachelors as well as masters in them. Today let, however small the post is, it requires a minimum qualification and also good communicational skills. Education has turned out to be that important that even an attendee in any work space requires their qualification and communicating skill.       

Is education and schooling one and the same?

Answer: There is always a big confusion whether schooling and education are the same or not. There is a lot of difference between schooling and education. People often tend to misunderstand that schooling is where education starts and it ends when you stop striving for a degree. But, the fact is that both lay poles apart.
Education is anything and everything you learn from anyone. Education can be done from anywhere. Whereas, schooling something which happens inside four walls with a certain syllabus and a particular method of teaching and learning. It is some little information you acquire from the books mostly with the intention to pass out a few exams with high scores. Education, on the other hand, can get you anything you want to know. It can be a skill, information about anything in particular or it can be even said that you learnt talking was also part of your education.

Is education made important to all?

Answer: If it’s about the education which can be acquired from anywhere then that is being available to all. As for that education, people need not teach others, they learn it by just looking at that or even listening to someone. Whereas, education from books and schools cannot be achieved without anyone’s guidance and support. This education does not reach most of them mostly because of their financial backgrounds. People coming from the poor financial background cannot accommodate for their child’s education or for their own education and this leads to illiteracy.
Though practical knowledge is more important than bookish knowledge, schooling is also one of the major parts of one’s life. Schooling is also required for making up the base for a few of the characters, manners, discipline, and etc. Schooling gives opportunities and training to build these basic characters. 

How to reach schooling to all?

Answer: Schooling is basically denied because of the poor financial background or because the parents are unaware of the importance of education. When it is only the case of financial inability, there are a lot of government as well as the non-government organisation which take up the responsibility of the students. Few don’t get the chance because the parents are illiterate and therefore they are not aware of the impact of education in one’s life. For such cases, counselling the parents might help create awareness among them.
One more case where students find it difficult in pursuing their higher studies is when they have to take up the responsibility of the entire family on themselves. Where they have to work for the survival of the family and cannot continue with their education. This is where the new trend of education comes into play i.e. they can continue their studies online. As there is a huge list of colleges and universities opening up for online education giving such students a chance. Doing their education online they can even select the city from where they want to graduate. For example, if a student wants to get his degree from a college in Washington, they can look for the best online colleges in Washington for their studies and choose the course they want to study.
Apart from these, the government has introduced schemes to stop child labour and make education compulsory for students of one certain age. But, the flaw lays when the students are not aware of such facilities or when the government takes such responsibilities lightly. An active group of members and a thirsty group of students can bring up such projects and make them a huge success. 
As per overall life of human, we all must get educated in better way and complete in every aspect of life. It helps us a lot in future and understanding the world.
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